Oct 21, 2014

Elite Model Look Romania 2014 ~ preview

Here's a sneak peek of the Elite Model Look Romania 2014 modeling competition that took place last week in Bucharest. I'm humble & happy to tell you I was the official stylist of the show and also part of the jury board who decided the winners.

MQ Vienna Fashion Week 2014

Attending a Fashion Week with a totally different role than the one I was accustomed to was a surprising and amazing experience; it was quite a ride to land from the spotlight of the catwalk directly to the first row.

Oct 3, 2014

On my way to Vienna Fashion Week

It was such a pleasure attending this year's edition of Vienna Fashion Week - enjoying the vibe of the city during fashion week was a blast! Me along an incredible team made two creative fashion films that got projected before & after Smaranda Almasan's show during MQ Vienna Fashion Week 2014! Feels amazing seeing your work on a big screen!

Vienna, September 2014


MANIFESTO // About My Style Zone section

I dress normcore all the way everyday. Why? because I'm working almost everyday and comfort and simplicity is a MUST. When I'm on a photoshoot doing styling work, directing or filming, or when I'm in my design studio working on my collections - there's no room for fancy uncomfortable pieces of clothing. Why would anybody wear useless accessories or clothing that could prevent them from doing their job properly?!

Of course, like any other fashion lover, sometimes I like to wear a little more than normcore outfits, sometimes crazy, or daring, or bold, juxtapositions of prints, fabrics or colors. Something that people would turn their heads around for.

Occasions during the year where fashion is the focal point (Fashion Weeks, Galas, Openings, etc.) or simply a special occasion - give me the perfect excuse to play around with styling for myself.

Just because life is simply to short to wear boring clothes!

* Budapest, September 2014